Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing ritual with Ayahuasca - shaman Don LuisAlso called "la limpia" in Spanish, the cleansing ritual is a spiritual healing performed by the shaman to a participant of the ceremony, may it be a sick person or an apprentice.


During the cleansing, the participant gets full attention of the shaman forsome time, usually at least couple of minutes.

Singing voice, whistling, magical breath, various musical instruments and a leaf fan are used by the healer during the cleansing to call on powerful spirits, to bring healing, luck and spiritual empowerment.

During the work, dark energies can be removed through extraction using a leaf fan, or "sucking" with mouth, usually accompanied by spitting the negative energy out (to provent it from affecting the shaman).

The result is cleanliness of one's energy body and gained protection and luck.


It is very important to work only with trustworthy shamans with clean energy. Otherwise, one's energy body can become polluted with darker energies. Good shaman, on the other hand, can put you in touch with powerful spirit protectors and helpers and clean you from heavy energies or energy leeches.


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