Date: 23/07/2011

By: Joan Costello

Subject: Journeys for experienced drinkers

My husband and I have both retired (at the ages of 60 and 58 respectively) and have spent the past year+ living in Belize. We both have experience drinking Ayahuasca in the US, and lately it has been calling to us again. We are tentatively planning to come to Ecuador in the next few months. My husband has taken perhaps 50 journeys, initially in a group, and eventually as an independent drinker. I have taken about a dozen, most with him as my guide, but my last 2 were camped out alone in a tent. On my last journey, I was visited by a group of small beings, who seemed to be evaluating my progress. We are serious journeyors, and seeking the appropriate shamanic group to pursue our calling. Can you send information?

Date: 21/04/2012


Subject: Re: Journeys for experienced drinkers

Date: 19/12/2012

By: karan

Subject: Re: Journeys for experienced drinkers

well i am new to all this, and i am from us too, i wanted to experience these ceremony and go to ecuador but i don't know how to find these shamans or go on journeys?

Date: 12/02/2011

By: Admin

Subject: Testing

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